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Mosque and Chestnuts

Istanbul is a cool city, it was very pleasant to wander around and the people fantastic. The hotel we stayed in was fantastic, when we arrived we had to give them our passports. They figured out it was Louise’ birthday and organised and birthday cake and a gift. I never asked them to do any of that.


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Istanbul Mosque

Istanbul is dotted with mosques, what’s really cool about it, is that they don’t mind if you take a tripod into the mosques. A bit if a pity that I only figured this out on the last day we were there.


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Blue Mosque

Here’s a shot I tool out a window of the Hagia Sophia of the Blue Mosque.

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Hagia Sophia Pulpit

Hagia Sophia is a pretty busy place with loads of tourists coming in and out all day long. It’s quite hard to take a photo without all the people in it. I wanted to get an image of all the different arabic “signs” all over the walls up by the pulpit. The only way to do this was to get up close and with the low light and no tripod I had to go with a small aperture which has given the slightly blurry look on most of the image.

I still like the angle I got in this shot, the very warm yellow color comes from the lighting they have inside the place.

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Hagia Sophia – Istanbul

Here’s a shot of the inside of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, if I had known I was allowed to use a tripod in here I would have bought it, most historical sites don’t like tripods for some reason.

This is another HDR from a single shot.

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Topkapi Palace – Istanbul

We visited Istanbul in late January this year, we had read in the guidebooks that Topkapi Palace could get busy so it was wise to get there early. It seems in January tourism is at a low which was real nice as we were the first people into the palace and the first people into the Harem, it was only us and the guards who were more than happy for me to move signs around so they wouldn’t be in photos. Here’s a single HDR shot from inside one of the rooms inside the Harem.

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Istanbul, I was here many years ago when I was little, the most memorable thing has to have been when we were chased out of the Grand Bazaar by shop keepers. I returned with Louise not long ago for a long weekend, wasn’t the best of weather but managed to get this nice evening shot of the Mosques surrounding the Grand Bazaar, it’s a fantastic place. I’m always a bit worried how bad the hassling is going to be in places like this, I was surprised to find the restaurant owners were the only ones that really bothered with it. I can highly recommend it, good food, good people, and generally a great place to just walk around.

Istanbul mosques

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