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Tasty Log

Elephants are the best to watch especially the young ones, they’re kind of like human kinds, very inquisitive and doing strange things all the time.

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Tofo Beach

Mozambique was another country we skirted through rather quickly, I had Malaria there for the third time on the trip, we were well seasoned veterans on how to treat this disease so we quickly found a room with air con and went about feeding me coartem for the next 3 days. It was very mild the third time round.

I have very few photos of Mozambique from this trip, this one was taken by my step dad.

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Elephant Play

Namibia was the first country where we saw and could photograph a lot of wildlife on our big trip. We spent close to two months there covering just the areas north of Windhoek, it’s also where our way of travel changed quite a bit. We slowed down somewhat and really started to enjoy the nature.

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Caprivi Sunset

To go with yesterdays photo, here’s a sunset that was taken a few days later.

I really like the eerie feel to this photo.

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Not Long Now

At least once a year I go somewhere in Africa , I often ask myself why, what is this incessant desire that always draws me back?

I’m guessing it’s memories like the one I have of when I took this image. I saw this Bee-eater sitting about eye level on a shrub about 30 metres away. A friend and I stood next to each other we both raised our cameras and realised that even with a 400mm lens it was a mere speck in the frame. We slowly walked together towards it, stopping every few metres to take a shot of the bird and make sure it wasn’t going to fly away. Eventually we got within a few metres and both got a few frames before the Bee-eater flew off.

In only a few days I’ll be back in Africa, Namibia to be exact for 5 weeks, I won’t be able to post photos daily there may be a couple of weeks where I go completely silent.

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More from Namibia, todays photo is from the abandoned mining town of Kolmanskop which is slowly getting reclaimed by the desert.

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Need a Holiday

I’m starting to suffer from the effects of too much work and am in need of break, luckily enough we’re heading to the south of Sweden for a week, good timing. I’m hoping to have a bit more time and energy this week to get back to my usual photo a day.

If you’re ever in Cape Town, you should head over to boulders beach near Simonstown, you can get up close and personal with these penguins. This was taken with a Nikon D80, this is the least favorite of all the Nikons I ever owned, it’s meter drove me nuts.


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Etosha Poser

I think I’ll try and stick with Namibia this week. Etosha is like a zoo, you spend the day driving from waterhole to waterhole waiting for the wildlife to do something special. The longest we spent at any waterhole was about 9 hours. we watched a lioness chase Zebra 3 times that day.

I’ll post more on that later in the week. The best photos from that series were taken by a good friend Nick.

This elephant got named poser, as he left one of the waterholes he headed straight towards the car park and chased a few of the little cars away, then turned and faced us and started throwing chunks of the white rock and dust over himself before wandering off.

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Chobe river

During the dry season in Botswana all the animals come down to the Chobe river for water, the river forms a natural border with Namibia. On the Botswanan side it’s national park, but on the other side it’s farmland. It appeared to us on the 3 occasions that we’ve been to the area that wildlife and people seem to be able to co-exist. We only really scratched the surface of the area so we can’t really be certain.

This photo is from the first occasion we visited the Chobe area of Botswana, the sunsets at that time were spectacular, the sun glowed a deep rich red and the rest of the colours were stunning.

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Nata Bird Sanctuary

I think I’ve visited nearly every wildlife park in Botswana except the Tuli block in the very east. The Nata Bird Sanctuary is on the north eastern edge of Sua pan. There was still some water in it when we got there so it had plenty of birds in particular Flamingos and Pelicans.

This is the eighth different nikon camera I’ve got photos from on this blog. They are brilliant cameras the newest 2 I have the D4 and D800 are stunning cameras and compliment each other really well.

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