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Random Photos

As I haven’t got out much to take any photos recently, i’m kind of selecting photos at random from my library to post on the web.

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Tower Bridge

I’ve walked along this bridge many times, I like this area of London, especially early mornings on the weekends, it’s very peaceful.

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Somewhere in London

I was in London for work last year and wandered around Borough Market area with a co worker. I know this Church was somewhere real close to there just don’t know the name of it.

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Shooting from the hip

Whenever I’m out wandering the streets in a city I try to get a few shots like this. I use a wide angle lens and hold it vertical at my side, as if I am just carrying it one handed. I set the camera to full auto focus and as I walk past someone interesting I hold down the shutter and take a couple of frames. It’s a very hit and miss technique, people generally don’t notice so you can get some good candid shots.

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View from Tower Bridge

Another one of those photos you only get if you’re up at a sparrows fart. The London sky looks pretty cool with all the plane trails – is that what they’re called?

This HDR photo was taken with the D800, you could probably get the same results with a correctly exposed RAW file from this camera and a bit of post processing, but HDR can give photos a surreal effect which if done correctly can look very pleasing.

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All Hallows by the Tower Church

That’s a mouthful. This church is very close to the Tower of London, this shot was taken from behind a string of food joints that line the edge of the square next to the Tower. I like the contrast of the modern, the old and the nature in this photo.

I noticed London seems to have a huge amount of construction going on in this area at the moment, it’s good to see. Let’s hope they knock down all the square boring buildings from the 80s.

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Tower Bridge – London

I was in London this weekend for a friends wedding, it was a fleeting visit. We flew in, went to the wedding, went to sleep, had a little walk and got on a plane back to Zurich. Early on Sunday morning I got up and went for a short walk as the sun got up to take some photos. The D800 is still managing to astonish me with it’s abilities. It is truly an amazing piece of equipment and it’s going to spend a lot of it’s time attached to my tripod.

Here is an HDR shot of the famous Tower Bridge.

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I was in London for work last year and I met up with some Malaysian friends that wanted to eat in Chinatown.

Street photography is not one of my strengths, if I do go out and attempt it I always try and take as little gear as possible. My normal gear seems to be a full frame camera and my 20mm and 50mm lenses. The smaller lenses seem to be a little less threatening to people. Also using prime lenses means you don’t have to think about zoom and the camera takes care of the focus, they just feel more fluid when out walking.

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