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Winter hibernation

Or something like that. I’m not going to make any excuses, it’s been a fair few months since my last post. No real reason, just busy.

The last time I used a camera for personal reasons was in Dubai, so let’s pick up where I left off.

Dubai at Dusk.

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City in the Sand

Dubai is an impressive place. It reminded quite a bit of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. They’re both reasonably new cities built with oil money. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m all for progress and enjoy a bit of extravagance. I find places like this very cool, In a way it feels very fake like a giant Disneyland.

I definitely need to go back to Dubai for a few days, it’s not a place I’ll be able to handle for long.

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Dubai Aquarium

Wandering around the massive and impressive Dubia mall I came across the aquarium which boasts the worlds largest single pane of acrylic glass.


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Return to Switzerland

I’ve finally got a bit more time to write something a little more substantial than the few lines I’ve been writing over the past several weeks. Going back to New Zealand is always hectic. Trying to catch up with family and friends while also trying to have a holiday and get some photography done.

What I did learn from going to NZ is that the 2 cameras and 4 lenses I took were all used. I thought I hadn’t used the 70-200 that much but the number of shots in Lightroom tell another story. I took too many batteries with me, I didn’t charge one of them while over there. I didn’t use my GoPro at all, I took the SB910 flash and pocket wizards and they weren’t taken out of the bag. I forgot my polarizing filter and it’s the only one I wanted to use.

New Zealand is a stunning place to photograph especially at sunrise and sunset. I always find it difficult to get up for sunrise so didn’t do it every day. Sunset was hard as that is when friends and family wanted to see me for dinner, what am I supposed to say “oh sorry, I know I came to NZ to see you but I’ll be out taking photographs at that time, can we not do lunch or maybe we can do it a little later” – that wasn’t really going to cut it so I had to work around it.

I didn’t do as much as I wanted to, I really wanted to get up to Cape Reinga. My biggest disappointment was dropping the 14-24, it was such a dumb mistake on my part, I had been having a load of fun with the lens that when it happened it put a bit of a downer on my photography and I didn’t pick up a camera for a few days because of it.

I had a great time, didn’t do everything I wanted to. I think that’s the same for every trip I take anywhere, but that leaves something for me to go back for right!?

This is probably my favourite photo from this holiday. Taken up Mt Eden.



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Burj Khalifa

It’s the tallest building in the world, what more is there to say? I had 10 hours in Dubai so thought I would have a quick look around.

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