Twisted trees of Marienfluss

I was emailing with a friend today, he mentioned how he was impressed that I’ve managed to keep my blog posting up while starting the new job. I said it kind of feels like it’s on autopilot at the moment. Most of the posts haven’t been very substantial, I try to put a bit more thought into what I am writing rather than the few words I’ve been writing recently. This blog is about my photos, I have loads of things I would like to write about and share, but writing takes time, sometimes quite a bit. Like everyone else I am very much bound by the limitations of time.

Hopefully over time I will manage to adjust my time and be able to turn off the autopilot to spend more time doing this. For now though I will happily take the autopilot assistance in helping me share photos.

This photo is from one of those wonderfully remote places that is just peaceful and beautiful.

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