Pink and purple sky

I’ll be returning to the workforce soon, hopefully it will be better than the last position and I don’t get drained too much and lose the will to write this blog. I went several weeks last year without posting anything for no good reason. It was a bit of a case of everything all at once I think, with Max having arrived in our lives, changes in the job and plenty of other things, it got the better of me and I just didn’t feel like sharing much. So far this year has been much better, then again I haven’t had a real job. I went to a good 30 or 40 interviews, but nothing much sparked my interest for quite a while.

This’ll be the first time in a long time that I’ll become a public transport commuter. Perhaps it’s time to start taking a camera with me. Speaking of cameras, on our last two trips I only took the Fuji gear with me. I didn’t miss anything from the Nikons, in particular since I picked up a fuji 10-24mm zoom lens, I also recently got the 35mm fuji lens which found its way into my bag for Sweden. That lens coupled with the electronic shutter is real nice, being able to shoot at F1.4 in the middle of the day is very cool. There are many things I like about the Fuji, I still love my Nikon gear. Though I fear it won’t get used that often, the image quality on the Fuji is just as good and the functionality with firmware updates is continuously improving with Fuji, if you want a new feature from Nikon you have to buy the newest camera. I still have a use for my Nikons, I’ll eventually get back to Africa to shoot more wildlife, I don’t think the autofocus on the Fuji or any other mirrorless camera is ready for wildlife. Also the big telephoto lenses either don’t exist or are miles away from what Nikon and Canon have to offer.

Obviously I’m sharing another photo from Sweden, will do for the next few days. There’s something magical about the sky up there, the first time I went to Torekov a few years ago, I thought the pink sky was a fluke, I saw the same pink and purples tones a few more nights last week.

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