Swedish Impression

I got back after a very long drive late last night. Here is one of the first shots from Sweden. We spent most of our time without internet up there, just occasionally checking emails to make sure the world wasn’t missing us. Torekov is a very peaceful little village and it somehow takes me back in time to when things were slower and simpler, people stop in the street to have a chat. Kids play in the park eating ice cream in a cone, I was doing quite a bit of that too. It reminded me of when I was a kid growing up in Christchurch, before the internet, cell phones and even windows existed.

Everyone should have a place like this where they can get away and regain touch with who they are. I have quite a few places like this in the world, this is one I have been introduced to by my lovely girlfriend Louise and her family.

It’s very easy to become engulfed in today’s world, with so much information being created, shared and consumed every single day on the interwebs, and yes I contribute to this every growing amount of data. Technology is supposed to improve our lives, it has in some ways and not others, I wonder if we will ever find the right balance between technology and life, is your life controlled by the desire to always be connected? I feel like mine is sometimes, I work in the technology sector so for me it’s somehow a little more acceptable, in my mind at least. I find myself watching others who are completely engrossed in what is happening on the little screen in front of them, I wonder if they would notice a man in a monkey suit walk past them.

My advice to everyone is to put your phone, tablet, or whatever device you have down for a few days, look at the world around you, explore it and enjoy it.

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