Wild Beasts

I was originally going to share this photo yesterday, but changed my mind while I was writing the blog post. I figured a photo of a creature that is more menacing would be more appropriate for what I was trying to say yesterday. Though a cheetah is probably less dangerous to a human than a herd of wildebeest. It’s a fairly natural instinct to make the assumption that any predatory animal is dangerous to humans, especially one that hunts other mammals. What I have experienced is a completely different thing, I have never felt threatened by predators, though I must admit that most of the time I have been in a vehicle when these animals are close. Except when diving on the sardine run, then I was surrounded by hundreds of sharks.

These types of feelings are why my photo library is full of wildlife pictures, while I enjoy photographing cities and landscapes, there is something inside of me that feels truly at peace when I am photographing and watching wild animals.

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