Cheetah Glare

Evolution is a strange thing, wildlife photographers go out in search of images of beasts that our ancestors lived in fear of.

The ones that truly want to photograph the wildest of places must be committed. For what they seek generally doesn’t come cheap and will be outside the general climatic comfort zone of most human beings. We’ve become accustomed to a subtropical climate and we try to control our environs by choosing to live in places with those conditions or by trying to mimic that climate with the use of heating or air conditioning. I commend the photographers that go out and put themselves up against the bugs of the tropics, freeze in the poles or battle against the elements to get that photo.

I like to think that I am one of those photographers, when I choose to be, most of the time I sit behind a desk. However on the odd occasion once or twice a year if I’m lucky, I will go places that do not naturally have those desired subtropical temperatures, I will tough it out in the heat or the cold, with the bugs if necessary, if I know I am likely to get a photo I am happy with.

Plenty of other people go to the places I go, sadly most of them do it on tour buses and in fancy lodges. I prefer to do it my way, at my own pace, I like staying in a tent close to nature with nothing between me and the wild beasts that may come and sniff round the camp at night. It’s more exhilarating that way, I feel closer to nature and more alive.

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