Angolan Hills

I’ve been kind of following the basic route that we took on our extended trip through Africa back in 2008-2009.

Angola was an interesting country that clearly was still recovering from the civil war that had been going on there for who knows how many years. The Chinese had moved in in a big way, building roads amazingly fast, this helped as we only managed to get a five day transit visa, to cross the country from North to South about 2500 Kms. To make matters worse the anchor point of the rear shocks on the rear diff tore off on our first day in Angola. We thought we were doomed with how bad the roads were. Luckily half way through day 2 we hit Tarmac and had it all the way to the Namibian border. We tried to get the rear diff welded, but with no portuguese it was proving to be difficult so we just bounced all the way to Windhoek.

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