Middle of the Arch

I’m not sure what they call this natural arch, it’s in Spitzkoppe, maybe it’s the Spitzkoppe arch, yeah I could google it but I like that name so I’m going stick with it.

Yes I’m going a little crazy on the Namibia photos at the moment, that’s cause I never really sorted them out properly after I got back, I had over 30000 photos to sort through. With so much shooting I tend to organise my travel Lightroom library into separate folders for each time I copy the images from the memory cards and call the folders DL1, DL2 and so on. The reason behind this is simple battery power on the laptop is limited, and charging isn’t a regular thing in the bush. So I don’t want to waste my time backing up the entire photo set each time. I could let Lightroom make a second copy on import, but this is pretty slow. So I prefer to copy the folder full of raw images after the import is complete.

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