Today there was a solar eclipse we could see a partial bit of it from our balcony in Switzerland. It completely skipped my mind until the outside light was very odd and it got a bit colder, not sure if getting colder is related.

A Couple of tips when taking photos of an eclipse or the sun in general for that matter. Don’t look at it, unless you’re silly like me and like staring at funny spots in your eyes for a while, but seriously don’t look at it! If you have a mirrorless camera with an electronic viewfinder you don’t need to worry about looking at the sun through it. It’s really only the DSLR owners or people with optical viewfinders that have to worry looking through the viewfinder as the sun will burn a hole in your retina through your camera just as quickly as staring at it. You’re better off using the live view mode and framing your shot.

You’ll also want to get some kind of ND filter to reduce the amount of light hitting your sensor, I own a lee big stopper, it blocks out 10 stops of light, so works perfectly in this situation. They don’t come cheap and I’m sure there are quite a few DIY techniques you can find on the interwebs. Lastly a tripod may be useful.

How do you make a shot like this interesting it’s pretty hard actually, I was messing about with a slow shutter speed and moving the filter around on the front of the lens, this is the best I got.

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