Crossing the River

I finally had a day to myself yesterday, Louise took Max to the in laws for the whole day, so I spent a big part of it going through my Lightroom library. I realised how many photos that are in there that I haven’t shared, there are thousands of them.

I remember taking this photo nearly 4 years ago now, it was in the morning as we were getting ready to go out for a game drive from the Ihaha campsite along the chobe river, the public campsites are just flat areas under a tree in Botswana, they’re not fenced in or anything. Definitely not a place for first time safari goers on their own, that’s why I always tell everyone to go to Namibia or South Africa first.

The reason I remember this photo so well is that we were standing there and suddenly this group of elephant came out of the river, we scrambled to the back of the cars to get our tripods and cameras. There wasn’t much light, if you look at the exif data of this photo, you’ll see it was taken at 1/40 of a second, ISO 800 at F4.

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