Sharp up Close

Most non photographers and even some photographers believe that the big massive lenses are for taking photos of things far away, in reality you still want to get as close as possible to your subject, the big lenses allow you to frame tighter on a subject and eliminate the clutter. Take the Nikon 200-400, it’s probably one of the best wildlife lenses out there, it has one weakness, if you use it to photograph anything that is a distance away it loses sharpness quickly. If you want to get an animal in the environment type shot then get in close and use a wider lens, big telephoto lenses don’t mean you can sit at the back and shoot from a distance. Somehow what people do do, is allow me to push to the front of the row of the cars, at least in busy parks like Etosha and Kruger. I guess all the tourists think I must be a pro and am paying more money so I am somehow entitled to be in a better position, that is not true. I prefer to think that they are being courteous and allowing someone who is so keen on photographing wildlife a front row seat, either way I thank all you wonderful people for letting me go first.

I was probably about 3 or 4 metres away from this croc when I took this photo, this photo is proof how sharp an image is when you get up close with a big lens, this one was taken with the 200-400.

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