Munich Oktoberfest

Well this is the quietest I’ve been since I started this blog, over a month without any posts. Not really sure what happened, life just became a little overwhelming. Everything at once it seems, a huge amount of work came in that meant I was travelling about 20 hours a week to various locations. And as usual the thing that suffered from the lack of time and motivation was this blog.

I post photos to my blog and other places cause I enjoy it, cause I think people like seeing the photos I take and it seems pretty pointless to have and take all these photos without sharing them with the world. If one of my photos brings a smile to a person’s face that makes me smile, like the guy in this photo. When he saw me raise my camera and point it at him and he tried to put on the face of a bored booth attendant, I waited till he smiled and took the photo.

I guess what I am trying to say is sorry for the lack of photos let’s hope I have a bit more time from now on.

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