Fraumunster Murals

I’ve been using the Fuji X-T1 quite a bit recently, it’s nice and light, quick and has a load of features that the more serious photographer will love. Manual control of shutter, aperture and ISO using dials has to be one of my favourite features, the only reason I ever go into the menu on this camera is to format the memory card. I also like the film mimicking it does. The fuji cameras are the only cameras I set to RAW+jpeg. I’ve been shooting exclusively RAW on the nikons since late 2008. The jpegs from the fuji cameras are impressive and it seems lightroom has some trouble with the RAW images from the fuji sensor, I’ve noticed issues on a few shots but I’m more than happy with what lightroom can do in all but a few images. For those few that lightroom can’t tackle I have the jpeg from the camera. None of these issues want me to change my workflow by adding another software that is supposed to be better at handling the RAW files.

These murals are on the walls of the courtyard of the Fraumunster church, It’s hard to know if they are very old murals that have recently been restored, or are new murals depicting historical scenes.

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