Warm Sunrise

As I was about to upload another photo to my smugmug portfolio, it dawned on me that I’ve been posting photos with quite a bit of blue recently. So let’s warm it up a little with a sunrise from Namibia.

I took this photo with a D600, I’ve recently sold it, it’s an excellent camera but owning a D4 and a D800 means that it got very little love. It was mainly used by my partner when we travelled to Africa together, as that won’t be on the cards for a while it made sense to sell it.

People like to hold on to cameras and talk about them being investments. Cameras aren’t investments, in this day and age they are replaced by newer tech every 2 or 3 years. In some instances that newer tech is worth the money. That’s becoming less common, there haven’t been many game changing cameras of late. Especially when it comes to DSLR.

You’re better off spending your money on good lenses and accessories Like a good tripod, I have a really right stuff tripod and I know it will outlast any camera I own. It has already taken a beating in the last four or five years I’ve owned it and it still functions flawlessly. The only maintenance I ever do on it is to rinse it with a hose or in a sink.

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