Playing Catch Up

Another thing I do a lot of these days, is noticing months later that I have forgotten to do something. While travelling in Namibia last year I posted a few photos from the road. I finally remembered to upload them today.

A friend recently said that they thought I had already achieved a lot in my life, I really don’t think I have I still have loads of things I want to do and always have this fear that I will run out of time. Since time is one of the most precious thing we have you should make the most of it. I  waste too much of my time, I watch too much TV, play too many games on my ipad and generally waste a fair bit of time not doing anything useful. On the other hand, if I was constantly running around and keeping on top of everything maybe those moments that matter would pass me by. You clearly have to find a balance between “productive” time and down time, I think I don’t do too badly with it. Let’s see how this all changes in the next few weeks with another person coming into our lives. Hopefully it’s the downtime that get’s used up by the kid :), and that I still have some time to take photos…

To get interesting photos you have to look at things from different angles, I spent a good 30 minutes early one morning in Marienfluss crawling around in the sand.

Head on over to my smugmug portfolio to see the rest of the images.

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