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Photos should tell a story, you don’t necessarily need a never seen before scene to tell a story. What you do need is a scene that provokes something inside of you to tell that story. Then you need to somehow tell that story without words and just use your camera to convey what you believe you are seeing. To me that’s something very hard to explain in words, my thoughts are very image driven. If I see something I like I will start to photograph it and after a while the more pictures I take of the subject the more I see other aspects of it and while the subject is still the main part of the story the rest of the photo becomes an integral part of the story.

Take this photo for example what story does it tell? Is it one of desperation and despair where the elephant lacks anything to eat and that the world around him has been burnt to ashes. Or is it a story of new life and regeneration? To most people I am sure it will be the former as the hints to new life are very subtle, you can only really see new life in the slim patch of green grass behind the elephant.

Many national parks practice controlled burning of dry grasses to promote new growth, which is the true reality of this photo.

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