Auckland City Skyline

While not a big city skyline like New York or Hong Kong, there is something very nice about seeing Auckland city’s high rises at night. Photos of cities at night close to the water are way more appealing to me, perhaps it’s the reflections in the water, it somehow makes the photo feel more alive.

Night time photography is always a bit more challenging, for starters you can’t see the controls on your camera. So you either have to master the buttons and dials on your camera, you have to know what every one of them does and memorize their positions or fumble around menus constantly. I prefer the former of the two options, while it takes quite a while to master, once you are there the camera is no longer a burden.

Secondly you either need a stable platform like a tripod, or your girlfriends handbag, they make for very good makeshift bean bags. You also need to put these on a stable platform. Alternatively you can use a camera that still produces good quality images at high ISO values. Which is what I used in this photo, I couldn’t have used a tripod as we were zooming along in a boat, so I had to increase the ISO to a point where I had an acceptable hand held shutter speed, in this case 1/40th of a second.

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  1. carmen June 8, 2014 at 9:08 PM #

    Great photo – hope you got home safely. Bored at work and its only 9 am

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