Masked in San Marco

I can’t say that I’m very comfortable photographing strangers on the street. Some photographers appear to be quite comfortable with it, at least that’s how it comes across in what they say and write. I’ve read plenty on the art of street photography, while street photography is not only about photographing strangers, in my mind that is one of the subjects it focuses on. These girls were somewhat easier to photograph due to them wearing masks, creating a barrier between my mind and the reality of a human face.

Every time I photograph a stranger I feel like I am intruding on their privacy, I guess i’m not really, walking around in a public street is not being private. If I was to Jump over their fence and photograph them through the window of their house would be intruding on their privacy. I believe the real issue with me is some sort of fear of being “told off” for disrespecting the individual, the few times where I have been in the right mindset to overcome that fear and take the photograph, I’ve been reasonably pleased with the results. Nothing spectacular when comparing to others. I have the same sort of fear and reservation when writing on this blog, I fear being judged by others. I tell myself over and over again that it doesn’t really matter, telling yourself is one thing, being able to move past that point and to be at ease with something that makes you uncomfortable are two very different things. I believe to overcome these hurdles I’m going to have to constantly push myself to take those photographs and write about the things that make me uncomfortable and show some of my emotions. I guess this is the first of these longer blog posts where I will try and give you the reader a little more insight into what is banging around in that head of mine, I don’t share it with many people. I find speaking about this sort of thing just as difficult as writing about it, even with the people that are closest to me in this world.

Maybe you’re wondering what has bought this on, well a series of events over the past several months have made me rethink what life is all about and that it truly is a fragile thing, and that if I want to achieve my dreams and leave my mark on this world however big or small that mark is. I can’t sit around and procrastinate about it anymore. I’ll share more with you as the weeks, months and years go by.

If no one else reads this blog entry at least I will return to it once it a while to remind myself what this is all about. Even if it’s still unclear to you.


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  1. carmen March 24, 2014 at 2:55 AM #

    I read it. Probably most people dont achieve their dreams but if you achieve some or some part of them you are already on the winning side and the more dreams you have the more you have to achieve.

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