Giving a Sense of Scale

With photos it’s sometimes hard to display a sense of scale of certain places. Places like this are generally a lot larger than the photo portrays. I guess as humans we see a rock as a rock and a mountain as a mountain and never a rock as a mountain. It’s easy for our brains to interpret the scale of a photo that has something we’re used to seeing in it like another person, a car, a tree or even in most cases a rock or a mountain. So how do we give a sense of scale to something that is drastically out of what is perceived as normal scale? The easiest method is to add something to the frame that the human mind will know the scale of nearly instantly.

Case in point is this photo taken in Hartmanns valley, the entire area was so much larger than life even to the naked eye, I remember watching my friend walk to this rock and thought it was only 40-50 metres away, only once he got there did I realise the actual size of the place.

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