Achilles Heel

I’m not sure if everyone suffers from this, but I know of a few photographers that do, it’s a kind of achilles heel, it may be a subject or a technique that we just seem to have a hard time getting right, for me it’s a subject. The subject in question is leopard.

Firstly I never seem to see that many leopard, I think i’ve seen more honey badgers than leopards. My main issue with leopard seems to be my inability to focus the camera and if I get that part right then my framing is completely out. I finally have a series of shots that I am pleased with, more than one photo with the complete animal in the frame. Hopefully this means that I’ve got over whatever it was that blocked me from getting the photos I wanted, and now I’ll see plenty of leopard every time I go to the bush. One can dream…


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  1. carmen November 27, 2013 at 11:52 PM #

    great photo

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