Leaving Namibia

We’re now in Kimberly, not the place we had planned on ending up today, we’ve just been discussing the fact that even the most well laid out plans may not work out the way you expect them too.

We’ve now left Namibia and will spend the last couple of days transiting South Africa to bring the Beast home, the Beast is our friends Land Cruiser. I’ve taken many a voyage with this vehicle. Either I’ve been in it, eating it’s dust or watching it in my rear view mirror. It has also become a tradition that I spend some amount of time under the beast repairing it.

Since Swakopmund we’ve had a bit of a rushed visit to the southern sights of Namibia, and have taken plenty of photos at Sossusvlei and surrounds, Kolmanskop and the Quiver Tree forest.

Nearly 5 weeks on the road has been quite exhausting at the pace we have been going, and at times I have felt that my photographic creativity has been left lacking a little something. With the little post processing that I have done I’m am very pleased with what we’ve managed to photograph, there is now the time consuming task of reviewing close to 18000 photos, selecting the best and presenting them here on the blog.

I’ve been very impressed with all the equipment that we’ve taken with us, it has been bashed around in the back of a car, dropped, covered in dust and shaken on some very long corrugated roads, nothing has failed yet. A bit dirty and in definite need of a clean.


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