Postcard From Etosha

We’ve been in Namibia for nearly two weeks now. Only 1 of those nights has been outside of Etosha National park.

Etosha is exactly how I remember it, a very unique environment and experience. It’s chalky white ground covers everyone and everything with a pale gray dust. There is wildlife just about everywhere you look. The game driving and viewing is easy at each and every waterhole is a small car park so providing ample photographic opportunities. As we are at the end of the dry season, animals have no choice but to go to these waterholes for a drink.

All 3 of the campsites in the park provide a waterhole for nighttime photography. We spent a fair amount of time in the evening at them with a small truckload of camera gear poised and ready for anything that would come down for water.

Apart from the usual suspects we saw Lion and Rhino nearly daily and a couple of Leopard, sadly we didn’t see any Cheetah.

We’re off to Koakoland today, one of Africa’ last wilderness areas, so don’t expect much for the next couple of weeks.

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