Not Long Now

At least once a year I go somewhere in Africa , I often ask myself why, what is this incessant desire that always draws me back?

I’m guessing it’s memories like the one I have of when I took this image. I saw this Bee-eater sitting about eye level on a shrub about 30 metres away. A friend and I stood next to each other we both raised our cameras and realised that even with a 400mm lens it was a mere speck in the frame. We slowly walked together towards it, stopping every few metres to take a shot of the bird and make sure it wasn’t going to fly away. Eventually we got within a few metres and both got a few frames before the Bee-eater flew off.

In only a few days I’ll be back in Africa, Namibia to be exact for 5 weeks, I won’t be able to post photos daily there may be a couple of weeks where I go completely silent.

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