Storm Kettle Club

I’ve mentioned the Storm Kettle Club before but never gone into detail about it. The club is a group of people that have come met through random circumstances are like minded and enjoy independent travel. We named the group after the massive storm kettle that get’s lugged around on trips. It’s the first thing to come out of the vehicle and one person in the group must get the kettle going as soon as we stop, it’s also the early risers responsibility to get the water boiling and start preparing coffee, tea or hot chocolate for the group.

Most of the trips done by the Storm Kettle Club have been in Africa, the club is still in it’s infancy and only a couple of years old.

5 members of the club will be heading out to Namibia in less than a month. One of the places we will be returning to is Etosha, when I look at the 2000 odd photos I already have from Etosha I’m no longer that impressed. I’m hoping to improve on it this time round. Armed with bigger and better glass.

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