Street Parade 2013

It must be one of the biggest parties in Europe, if not the world. Friends of mine always go to it so for the second year in a row I showed up with a camera and a couple of lenses. Wanting to improve on last years effort I took the D4.

While using the camera yesterday I realised that I haven’t really put this camera through it paces. It arrived a couple of days after my last wildlife trip so didn’t make it to that. I’ve used it plenty for general photography, only yesterday did I use it for what’s it’s built for.

The buffer on this thing is unbelievable, not once did I have to wait for it to clear. It filled up 130 odd GIGs of XQD and compact flash cards with RAW photos. Close to 7000 shots on just one battery. It’s going to take me a couple of days to produce a similar clip and find some appropriate royalty free music.

In the meantime here’s one good shot I found in amongst the thousands.

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