Mighty Land Rover

I recently sold my favourite car named Edmund, it was a massive 130 Land Rover Defender with a custom made packing system where the back pickup tray normally is. It was our home for a year and a half while we drove from Switzerland to South Africa via 20 different African countries.

I am not sad to have sold it, it has sat quietly in the garage collecting dust for the last couple of years, I only ever took it out on the odd occasion to make sure that it was driven. Every time I drove it, it bought a smile to my face, I was like a little kid playing with his Tonka truck, I guess boys never really grow up.

By no means does this mean our travel life is over, we are off to Sweden in a couple of weeks, then to Namibia in October, and plans for more trips are already in the works.

Here’s a picture of a friends landy doing what they do best. I don’t have access to my photo library at the moment, otherwise I would post a photo or two of Edmund.

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