Zurifest Fireworks

I really like fireworks and enjoy photographing them, the problem is that whenever you’re with friends dragging all your photography gear around, having them wait for you while you setup for your shots can be frustrating for them, they understand that it’s a passion of mine but having to wait for me get’s old pretty quick.What’s the solution? The Fuji is helping resolve that issue.

I was standing next to a lady who had her tripod, Canon 5D MK II or III and a big lens attached to the front of it. A few months ago that would have been me, I’ll still be doing that when it really matters. I stood next to her with my friends and my little Fuji, set everything to manual and started firing away @ IS0 6400, handheld. I really didn’t expect much in the way of good results, the number of keepers was definitely down, but I am surprised at how good the ISO on this camera is. There’s a little delay between pressing the shutter button and the camera taking the photo, but beyond that it does well.


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