Taking photos locally

How often do you go out in your local area with a camera and take a few photos? I do it more regularly now but in the past I missed quite a few good opportunities because I often thought photography is all about having the right gear, and how do you know you have the right gear if you don’t take everything.

Now I look at it more as; take a camera and a lens and go out and see what you can find, there will be an angle on something with whatever lens you have. This is part of  the logic behind the Fuji, I’m more likely to take that small camera on these short outings than one of the big ones with the tripod.

I’ve recently been going back to this same area about 15 minutes drive from my house to take photos, there are a couple of ponds and nice views all around. I was particularly attracted to the lines a farmer had left in his wheat field and the linear clouds.

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