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I don’t use or share the photographs from my iphone that often. I use it quite regularly. I think it’s a great little camera, it’s what I would recommend to anyone looking for a small compact camera. There’s no need for a cheap point and shoot anymore, if you want a good small camera, look at the good quality larger sensor cameras, something from Fuji or Sony will get you going. Or for something a bit better buy into one of the mirrorless systems, the ones I like the look of are the Micro four thirds systems and Fuji’s X system.

I’ve mentioned it before, one of my photos got included in the Plus One Collection 2012 book, it’s an honour to have a photograph in the same book as some of the people that have inspired me to take photographs and share them with the world. I’m not sure if it was done intentionally but my image is opposite a sheep, I am sure the two animals facing each other was intentional, since I’m a kiwi I wonder if the choice of a sheep was also done on purpose.

Here’s an iphone photo of the book, you be the judge.


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  1. Anne-Louise Kœhl June 17, 2013 at 10:12 AM #

    Milan – thanks so much for your lovely postings! Bias as I maybe Nick’s pictures look wonderful they way you displayed them. Your other pictures are also well appreciated! Your church series is really nice. We just finished doing Strasbourg and area : found some interesting churches as well and tried to capture the ambiance and reverence of the inner building….. IPhone pics are really not bad! I agree, I used mine as a point and shoot ( together with my Nikon D90) during our month’s trip to Equador, this past February. I did save Nick’s images from your blog. I had them at one time and can’t find them anymore…. I seem to find only the dunes and Oryx pictures. I hope this is ok with you… If not please let me know. I have another wildlife photographer Hannes Lochner – a South African who does his work in the Kalahari dessert…. I am sure you would love his work as well! I gave my husband his book “Colors of the Kalahari” as a thank you and remember acne of all our African trips…
    I can only encourage you to continue in your hobby – your work is a pleasure to see! Best wishes. ALK

    • milan June 17, 2013 at 6:18 PM #

      Thanks Anne, Yes feel free to take any of the photos on the site, I’ll get round to adding more content to this website one day. I breifly met Hannes Lochner in Kgalagadi a few years ago, I do like his work. Sounds like you visit some great places.

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