Strangers in Venice

We took loads of photos on our trip to Italy, I’m still processing them. After this one I’ll post some photos from different places for a few days, try and give Italy a bit of a rest.

I don’t take photos of strangers that often, I still think that they’ll get mad. In all reality I don’t think any of these people noticed that I photographed them, even when using a big 70-200mm lens and feeling like the paparazzi. It makes me feel quite self conscious, I often find myself trying to imagine what other people are thinking, this is quite a common thought “what’s that strange guy with the goatee and the big camera doing, why’s he pointing that massive thing at me, arggghhhhhh”. Well you get the idea, my mind is playing unnecessary tricks on me. Living in Switzerland adds to these thoughts, people here are very conformist, not because they fear something it just seems to be the norm. Taking photos of strangers in the streets is definitely not the norm, and you just don’t want to go against the norm, maybe I’ll wander around the streets of Zurich photographing people until someone actually does get mad at me, this might be a way of curing my fear.

To progress as a photographer you have to push yourself and sometimes take yourself out of your comfort zone, try something you haven’t tried before, do something that you may not quite enjoy. I guess this statement is true for anything you are passionate about.

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Masked in St Marks

 Patiently Departing

Venezia Waiting

The Artist


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