Tanzania week

Well it seems every post this week has been photos from Tanzania.

This guy came walking out of some bushes towards the mass of vehicles surrounding his sibling and his mother. Mum happened to be on the other side of the cars and he couldn’t see her so he was calling for her and seemed quite discontent with the vehicles.

Ngorongoro is one of the best places to see big cats up close, but that comes at a price. Not only is it expensive, but the likelihood of being able to position a car where you want it is next to impossible. Unless you happen to be the first on on the sighting. That doesn’t happen that much in Ngorongoro. We do like to play a trick on others cars while in the crater, we stop for a little bird or something get all the big lenses out the top of the car take a few photos then sit and wait. The number of cars that head in your direction is quite entertaining.

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