Wishing for better weather

Well I’m still harking on about the same thing. But it looks like I’ve got another week of rain ahead of me. Guess my cameras will be staying in the bag for another week.

It does give me some extra time to go through some older photos and revisit some that I wasn’t sure about when I first looked at them. Here’s a good example, It could definitely be better. The first time I processed this photo the car lights on the right were completely over exposed and as this is an HDR of 5 images it came out really weird. The parts I’m still not happy with are the trees on the left and the artifacts left in the lake from a boat that was cruising past. What I do like is the colour of the sky, the movement in the clouds and the car lights.

Here’s hoping the weather changes soon so I can go back up the hill and improve on this image.


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