A different angle of view

In wildlife photography it’s hard to get a low angle of view on critters, you can sometimes get out of the car even though you’re not supposed to, I’m not recommending you do this. When I do do it, I’m definitely not alone, I slide out of the car trying not to break the silhouette of the vehicle and then lay under the car. I have a pair of the best eyes in the business watching out for any threatening wildlife and they’re not mine. I would never do it in an area where there is a high density of predators. On other occasions the conditions work in your favour to get a similar angle of view from within the vehicle. There may be a dip in the road, a small mound the animal is standing on. In those situations I still recommend getting as low as possible, lying across the seats is one way of doing that. If shooting a wide angle I like to hold the camera out the window and down as low as possible and take a picture, check it, recompose, adjust and try again. I’ve thought about putting a camera on a pole to do this.

For this photo I didn’t get out the car. We were driving along one of the rivers in the Seronera area of Serengeti. I was trying to silhouette some trees against the sunset using my big 600mm. Suddenly this guy just strolls right past the side of the car. I quickly grabbed my other camera with a wider angle and clicked off a few frames.

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