Swiss National Day

Every year the Swiss celebrate the first of August with a bang. Fireworks everywhere, it must be one of the few places on the planet that still allows people to buy fireworks of all shapes and sizes and walk down to the local park and join in the competition for loudest bang of the night.

I went to watch the organised fireworks in Brunnen last night. Fireworks in Switzerland are always spectacular, they are nearly always launched from a barge on a lake with a stunning mountain backdrop and a crowd of people oohing and aahing and cheering to the big bangs.

Photographing fireworks is relatively easy with a DSLR, setup your tripod and camera in a good location, use a cable release and put your camera in bulb mode. Shoot at a low ISO and an aperture of f/8 Leave your shutter open for a few seconds at a time. I find it easier to use manual focus, get it right the first time and then just leave the focus where it is.

If you haven’t noticed before you can click all the images on this site to get bigger versions of them, enjoy!

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