Wildlife at night

Photographing wildlife at night is difficult.

First you have to find the wildlife and it has to be willing to sit there while you fire bright flash bursts at it, that bright flash will most likely give you the devil eye look. So now you have to get the flash off your camera and still pointing in the right direction plus you’re most likely sporting a long lens, even at 200mm your standard flash may not quite reach the subject so you will probably need to have a flash extender, these work great but the likelihood of having it ready as you come across that once in a lifetime opportunity is pretty slim. The number of times animals have wandered off into the night while I’ve been fumbling around my camera bag in the dark to try and get my flash out and extender mounted clearly outnumbers the shots I’ve got.

Once in a while you get lucky though, when the animal walks up to you in the camp and just hangs around as it’s become slightly habituated to people and spends it’s life looking for scraps around the camp. This Spotted Genet came to visit us one evening in Kosi Bay and happily sat there while I fired my flash at him repeatedly for a good 20 minutes.


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