Common Dolphins

Another common thing to do on the Sardine run is to spend time with Common Dolphin, they are everywhere, there are an estimated 20’000 that come for the sardines. They are extremely playful and like bow riding just about anything around, dive boats, cargo ships even Humpbacks have to put up with their antics.

A few days ago I mentioned how difficult it was to photograph whales breaching the surface, well this one is even harder. Try chasing a cargo ship at full speed while going up and down in the swell and then trying to hit the shutter button as the dolphins leap above the surface for a mere second, it’s complete hit and miss and the only thing you can do is trust your camera. Seems the D4 was up to the task again, we tried this a couple of times with different ships and only on one occasion did the Dolphins oblige us with a show, it only lasted a few seconds, enough to get a few good shots.

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