Sharks in South Africa

I’ve been on a couple of shark dives out of Sodwana Bay in South Africa, and a few other places on the planet. Unluckily I haven’t been to Aliwal Shoal yet, hopefully soon. I hope to be heading to South Africa to dive the Sardine Run out of Port St Johns in late June, lot’s of people that have seen the documentaries think I’m crazy. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do ever since I saw the Great Migrations documentary on it.

As I mentioned in my last post I was hoping to get some more videos done. I was lucky enough to get some footage from a Shark dive at Aliwal Shoal from our Friends and wildlife photography co travelers, Christine and Dudley Kelbe. These guys are brilliant underwater photographers. Every time I see their work I want to get an underwater housing for my camera, living in Switzerland always puts me off, I’d be lucky if I got 2 weeks use out of it a year. Expensive investment really. Maybe I should just move somewhere close to the Ocean.

I put this video together from Christine’s footage.


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